Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gwen Drank All the Water

I'm beyond baffled by Gwen Stefani. I love No Doubt, well at least Tragic Kingdom, and I like both of their new songs. They went back to the Ska type music that was originally No Doubt. I'm bummed because I cant find my Sublime CD. I have lost a lot of my old CD's and I guess Sublime was a casualty. Anyway back to Gwen. I was watching her on Ellen and was in shock with how great she looked! I mean, I dont look like that at 28, let alone 42....almost 43 in a few weeks!!!

 My girl, you rock! I know all her water comes from the Fountain of Youth! I hope to drink of that in the years to come...if she hasnt slurped it all up by then!! But until then, Ill have to follow what Floyd $$ Mayweather says, "Hard work/Dedication!" I know my husband would be proud I quoted him! Now to practice those words!

                       Now let's talk about my eyes. My medication is making the bags under my eyes terrible! So much for looking like Gwen! I guarantee her bags arent as big, and if they are, she'll pay someone to make them new and beautiful again! As for mine, I will be using a gallon of concealer and ice cubes! Perhaps a little eye shadow and eye liner will help mask the toll this mess is taking on my eyes! ...or a little R&R at a spa for a massage and facial. I doubt Chad will go for that! But I could away pull the sick card :) He's going to catch on soon and my power will dwindle and I'll be left at home watching daytime TV, with stiff muscles and clogged pores. I shall use my power wisely.


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