Friday, September 21, 2012

My first post in years!

It has been a while since I have lasted blogged. Partly because I don't know who would care to read what I have to say, buy mostly because I'm too lazy to sit down and Doogie Howser Carrie Bradshaw it!
I have never been much on airing my personal life on the Internet, let alone letting whoever wants to read about it, but I figure there is no time like the present and perhaps being more open will be a sort of therapy for me. I'm sure I will get into what is going on with myself as I learn more how to open up on a blog and not just talk about what shows I'm digging at the moment (Dexter, Weeds, Always Sunny). It will give me the opportunity to say what is going on with out answering 100 questions and feeling drained. This is a big, scary step for me. Being open is not always my forte!


Last weekend Chad and I went to the cabin with our friends. We had white water rafting tickets, but as life would have it, I cannot do that right now, so I got the chance to sit down with my sweet friend Crystal and make a fall wreath. I have never been a crafty person, so I really thought it would be a bust, but I pulled out my inner Martha and crafted myself a pretty banging wreath!! It is now proudly placed on my front door for all...or my friends... to see! 

Other than not getting to go rafting, I had a really nice time. It is always nice being with that group. Chad and I say over and over how blessed we are with our groups of friends. They are always so much fun! Tomorrow we are going to another group of friends house! They are another group that we love to be around. We always leave the dinner parties so happy and thankful for kind, wonderful friends. There is something about being with people that you have known since you were kids and carrying that friendship into adulthood. And knowing one day, your babies will know each other and grow together and hopefully carry that friendship into their adult lives.
Now see how fast this got boring! Let's hope I learn to be a more interesting blogger. Until then, here is my first and super boring blog!

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