Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Days 16,17,18

After about half a month, I've decided I need to change up how I'm doing this. I've been reading and waiting, I've enjoyed it, but I'm also super easily distracted. So my changes are coming after our (my lifegroup) last night in this book. I have been reading the prayer in the back of the book in snippets during my quiet time, but made the decision last night to read the entire thing aloud before diving into my Bible reading for the day. Then a man in our lifegroup said he had chosen to read it aloud that morning and the fog cleared and he felt renewed, so it sealed the deal in my mind that this is what I will do daily before I go into my devotion. I've also incorporated a playlist of worship songs for my quiet time when I'm sitting back and listening for God. This way my mind can stay in the mindset I've prepared up until that moment and I'm not distracted. So we will see if this formula does better to keep me in check and in focus!

Just a side note, praying that prayer aloud made my heart feel a way that I've longed to feel for sometime. I felt truly alive in Christ and ready to tackle the day at hand. 

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