Thursday, November 8, 2012

Fa la la la la laaa bleh...

I have a really bad habit of starting a blog, letting it sit for a couple of days, then deleting it. This one I will finish... and publish. Now what have I been up to....not much lately.

I had a little procedure. I'll spare the details and gross incision pictures, things like that. All I am going to say is, I am not sure if I'll ever sing like I use to again. Which scares me a little. Not that I sing in front of people, but I love to sing here by myself and its nice to be able to carry a tune. I'm sure itll work itself out, but for now, it sounds pretty bad! Ha!

Its everything I can do not to put my Christmas stuff out, last year it was coming out by now, but I think thats because we had just moved in and it was the first time I got to have a tall tree! This year I am holding back until Thanksgiving day. I'm sure I'll feel good enough bring up the tree and get this house together. I have company coming in the first of December, so its gotta be looking Christmas-y around here! It will be fun to take them around Nashville and do some fun Christmas activities! Since I married Scrooge, I usually do those things with a Grinch by my side! I will take any suggestions on must-see's in Nashville. I think I am kind of dumb to things people want to do when they visit.

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