Monday, July 27, 2015

Days 3-5

I had to skip this Saturday since I had to be at the church at 8:30 for rehearsal, I was already up super early, so I knew I'd dose off, so I just skipped. 

I also decided to clump some of the days together so it didn't say Day 4...nothing Day 5... Nothing ... You get the picture! I'm still struggling with knowing if it is me thinking something or the Lord speaking to me. I ended up emailing the author of the book we're reading and got a response from his "team" .... Que Price is right loser horn.... 

No thank you, I do NOT want to read another book. I may grab the download, but not right away... So I'm winging this!!

 I guess I ***maybe*** felt the Lord tell me Friday to talk to Chad about something I'll say only vaguely on this public blog, but will be glad to share with my lifegroup   . But again, I'm not sure if was me just thinking or the Lord telling me something. 

So that is the past few days. 

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