Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Days 6-11

There is a line written in the book we are going over, Waking the Dead by John Eldredge, that says, "...if it doesn't bring freedom and it doesn't bring life, it is not Christianity. If it doesn't restore the image of God and rejoice in the heart, it is not Christianity."

We talked a little about my not really knowing if it is my mind thinking or God speaking, and I reminded if it pointed to God, it was God speaking. So that is how I'll go from now on deciphering if it is mind thinking or God speaking. 

For sometime now, I mean like at LEAST 3-4 months, I've felt a "pang" when I think about my neighbors across the street. If you know me in any aspect, you know I'm not neighborly. I'll wave and say hi every now and then, but I'm not going to make an effort to walk outside and chat. I know my neighbors are not Christians, I've heard through someone else about a lifestyle they lead in the past. I am quick to tell someone I'm a Christian when asked, but honestly I'm not very good about sharing my Faith. I get nervous, I don't feel like I have a powerful testimony and I don't know how to really start honestly. I've asked for help with this and one answer to the prayer is a Sunday night lifegroup about being bold in sharing, but also another answer is a door that's opened for me. My neighbor's dad passed this past week and sitting here, it just dawned on me that maybe that's an opportunity I can use to go talk to them and open up about Christ. But again, I don't know where to start without sounding "Holier than thou" or like I'm shoving something down their throats. I've put notes and such in their mailboxes before, but that is not the same as a face to face conversation. So anyway, all this to say, I felt this morning, the Lord reminded me about them and telling me to use that as a window of opportunity to share a bit with them. So if you're reading this, pray for me please, this is not my area of strength at all. 

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